Protected: Finance and Commercial Director

We don’t want a boring accountant who will just give everyone a hard time for spending money. We want a visionary who can use their expertise to coach us to make good decisions so we can get on and change the world.

Who we are
Here is a Brighton based organisation that through partnership we create health services and solutions which are shaped around the needs of the person. Our purpose is care unbound – to create more possibilities for care in every moment.

What is guiding us at the moment is asking ourselves:

  • What’s going on in our broader health and care systems that needs our attention right now?
  • What needs attention in the communities we serve?
  • What could we discover together (in our organisation, in our community) that might help us to learn to serve each other and the wider system well?

The role
This is a new role. This is a different role. This is not about protecting our bean pile, this is about ensuring we have a viable offer and business to deliver our purpose Care Unbound, while contributing to the health of the broader system we all live and work in. It’s about acting as the steward for all our resources, in the interests of the broader community and leading our commercial activities that builds builds purposeful, meaningful relationships across all sectors we work with nationally and internationally.

Other responsibilities
Additionally, in Here’s Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) we need someone who will take ownership for our organisation’s response to information risk. We need someone with the ability to turn good ideas into opportunities to lead on some very practical stuff.

What works
People who do well here are those who care: about the broader system, about each other and about themselves.  We believe the capacity to lead is within us all: we need your expertise to best enable others to do their work. Our people create with purpose and in possibility: we need more people fired up by doing the work they see is needed in the world.

The deal
We can offer:

  • Starting salary at £85k, more for exceptional expertise and approach, pension and full or part time working available
  • Working closely with our CEO and Board
  • Based in Here’s brilliant Brighton office

Download the job description

Where do we meet?
We think we laid out pretty clearly what matters to us in the recently published ‘A year of being Here’. This is what we’re paying attention to and what we’re doing about it. What do you see Here?

What next?
If this interests you, you think you have some of the ways of seeing the world, skills and personal insight, then get in touch with our Chief Executive for a conversation and next steps (CTA, filter through a non personal email)

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