The Enabling Team’s role is to create and support the conditions for our beliefs, purpose and commitments to be lived in everything that we do in the communities that we serve – and beyond them.

There are nine of us on the Enabling Team, including our Chief Executive, Clinical Directors and all other Directors or Leads. We fulfil a broad range of roles within the organisation and within the health and social care systems locally and nationally.

Our time is spent in different ways;

  • Clarifying and understanding our purpose as an organisation and supporting the delivery of the work of our teams.
  • Identifying patterns in our performance and enabling teams to learn to act on those patterns.
  • Understanding what’s needed in our communities and systems and continuously learning how to address what matters.
  • Seeing the possibilities for care and creating the conditions for those possibilities to fly.
  • Developing relationships to share our learning and make a contribution to the local, national and international movement for change in our healthcare systems.





Meet the team

Zoe Nicholson, Chief Executive

Zoe Nicholson, Chief Executive

My role is to tether the organisation to its purpose, working in our health and social care communities to understand what matters to citizens. I care deeply about helping people live better lives.

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Peter Devlin, Director of Clinical Leadership

I bring my clinical experience, teaching skills and restless creativeness to Here. I care about helping people to find the wellbeing that enables them to live more fulfilling lives.

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Jonathan Serjeant, Director for Creative Partnerships

Jonathan Serjeant, Director for Creative Partnerships

My role is to connect our journey to the wider world, and to support partners and people to be successful leaders to make a difference to others.

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Michelle Eades, Deputy CEO and Director of Business Development

I lead on business development and tenders, partnership working and commercial deals. I’m passionate about connecting care across the whole system and understanding what really matters to people.

Matthew Riley, Head of Informatics

My team manages the information systems we use across our services. I'm passionate about using IT to connect the NHS across traditional boundaries - something patients tell us they want us to do!

Jon Ota, Managing Director for Sussex MSK Partnership

I lead the team at Sussex MSK Partnership. What most interests me is the role health and social care services can take in supporting people to live life to the full.

Helen Curr, Director of Clinical Services

I support our teams as they work to make a difference in people’s lives. As a Psychologist by background I’m passionate about bringing together physical and mental health services to respond to people’s needs.

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Chris Sutton, Finance and Commercial Director

I provide financial and commercial leadership, helping us to use our resources wisely to maximise the impact we have for those we serve today, and looking at new and different ways of having impact in the future.

Mark Cannon, Director of Primary Care Collaboration

Mark Cannon, Director of Primary Care Development

I support the development of primary care in the City. I want to contribute to making primary care a great place to work.

Lindsay Coleman, Non-Executive Director

My role is to support and encourage collaboration within Primary Care across the city and beyond for the benefit of the people we serve.

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