Who is the Sussex MSK Central Team?

The team is largely made up of Patient Care Advisors, Extended Scope Practitioners and Consultants.  We aim to transform people’s experience of being treated for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions (those conditions which affect the muscles, joints or bones) by putting people in control of their own healthcare and delivering care that is tailored to individual needs.

How do we work?

We put those with musculoskeletal conditions at the centre of everything we do, shifting the question from “what’s the matter?” to “what matters to you?” This involves enabling people to

  • Understand health choices and feel involved in their care journey.
  • Have visibility of their care journey and be able to hold us to account for delivery of health goals.
  • Be supported to self-manage MSK conditions.

What do we do?

We support the four main areas of MSK care:

  1. Self Care – giving people and their carers the tools needed to manage their condition as part of your everyday life at home, and connecting them with people and organisations who can continue to support them.
  2. Primary Care – working with GPs and Practice Nurses to make sure they are connected to our service, ensuring that they have the latest education and training to deliver the most up to date treatment and care, and when people are discharged after being seen by our service, their GP is connected to and understands their care plan.
  3. Community Based Specialist MSK Care – community teams of physiotherapists, podiatrists, doctors, specialist nurses, osteopaths and occupational therapists to deliver a truly joined up service with clinical staff all working together to agree a care plan which recognises the individual’s health goals and supports people to achieve those goals.
  4. Hospital Care – if an operation is needed, giving people a choice of a wide range of hospitals. We work with hospital teams to ensure that people receive the right care and appropriate follow up and rehabilitation following surgery.

Visions and Values

Our values were created by members of staff and patients and reflect what’s important to us individually and as a service. Every year we take time to come together to reflect on what they mean to us, how we see them in action and what we need to do to bring them more to life in the service on a day-to-day basis.

Keeping these values in mind and reflecting on them regularly helps us to stay focused on what really matters and support us to deliver a service we can be proud of.

The SMSKP values are:

Integrity and Transparency – ‘Visible decisions and shared goals’

Autonomy, Proactivity and Accountability – ‘Responsible and response-able’

Respect and Compassion for patients and colleagues – ‘Seeing the whole person’

Learning and development for all – ‘Bringing out the best’

Innovation and Creativity – ‘Leading the way’

Positivity and Passion – ‘Celebrating success and team work’




Meet the team

Jon Ota, Managing Director for Sussex MSK Partnership

I lead the team at Sussex MSK Partnership. What most interests me is the role health and social care services can take in supporting people to live life to the full.

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Jobs in the Sussex MSK Partnership Central team

Find opportunities to join the Sussex MSK Partnership Central team

Patient Carer Partner


We want to recruit two new members to a team of seven established PCPs working under the direction of David Gilbert, Patient Director, Sussex MSK Partnership (Central) (SMSKP). David is the first Patient Director to be appointed by the NHS.

The team brings patient experience to the heart of quality improvement in local NHS services for people living with conditions that affect bones, muscles, joints and tendons in all parts of the body. Collectively these are called ‘musculoskeletal’ (MSK) conditions.

Sussex MSK Partnership is made up of four not-for-profit organisations:

  • HERE (formerly Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Services (BICS)
  • Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust
  • Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Horder Healthcare

The service operates across central Sussex including Brighton & Hove, Horsham, Mid-Sussex and Crawley.

SMSKP is creating innovative ways for people living with MSK conditions to contribute to improvements in the way that local medical care is delivered.

The role

PCPs are developing ways to work alongside clinicians, leadership teams, and a range of staff by drawing upon personal experience and expertise to provide insight into the design, improvement and delivery of local MSK services. They are building ways of working in partnership to participate in strategic meetings and project groups, help shape services, and support and influence decision makers in a positive and constructive manner.

This is your opportunity to change lives and futures for people living locally with musculoskeletal conditions. Please read on to find out how you can become involved.


Download the Job Description and Person Specification for more details.

To apply please follow this link to NHS Jobs and submit your application.

Closing date is Sunday 3rd March. Interviews will be held Monday 25th March at the Here offices in Brighton.

  • We will acknowledge each application by e-mail.
  • All applications will be reviewed against the Person Specification.
  • Applicants who best fulfil our criteria will be invited for an interview at the SMSKP offices, based on their responses to the Person Specification, and their PCP Profile.

If you are successful we will offer a range of support:

Inclusion in a busy organisation that takes deliberate action to meet the needs of different people, and promotes environments in which everyone feels respected, valued for who they are, and able to make the most of their role.

Membership of a diverse community that understands that each individual is unique and respects and values all forms of difference. SMSKP appreciates that people vary in all sorts of ways which may not always be obvious or visible. These differences might include race, ethnicity, culture, belief, gender, sexuality, age and social status, and the ability to use healthcare and community services.

  • An on-going training programme matched to individual needs and those of the Patient Carer Partnership and SMSKP.
  • An induction supported by a PCP trained as a mentor by NHS – I.
  • Reimbursement of agreed out-of-pocket expenses incurred whilst attending meetings/events.
  • A standard NHS honorarium of £150 per or £75 per 4hr. half day (optional) for agreed work on specific projects in recognition of the expertise and experience PCPs bring to NHS Improvement work.

Contact for any questions Lee Morgan at

Here are committed to equality and valuing diversity. 

Community Improvement Lead


The Sussex MSK Partnership (SMSKP) Central are looking to recruit to a Community Improvement Lead to support and further improve MSK pathways of care across the central Sussex corridor.

SMSKP Central is a unique and innovative organisation that seeks to bring together the best of our local healthcare and specialist orthopaedic, pain and rheumatology knowledge to deliver quality care for all patients according to their specific needs. Central to this is the focus on identifying what truly matters to our patients and through a shared decision making approach, providing patients with the information they need to be able to make informed decisions about their healthcare journey.

The role 

The post holder will lead on major service improvement initiatives across both the clinical and administrative aspects of the service. The post holder will also work clinically at Advanced Practitioner level and will carry a clinical caseload within their own particular area of speciality. The post holder will contribute to the operational leadership of the community service and will also be responsible for the management of the Project Management Office (PMO) function.


Our offer

  • We offer a good training programme for staff and the service is well supported to deliver patient centred care by our Self-Management Lead and Patient Director
  • £54,726 – £67,470 per annum pro rata
  • NHS Pension
  • The role is a substantive post

Download the Job Description and Person Specification for more information.

What next

Here are committed to equality and valuing diversity. 

View all jobs