Do you need help getting to and from the Racecourse or Portslade Health Centre for your vaccination? Call us on 0300 303 8060 and ask about the free taxi service.

Who is currently eligible for a COVID Booster?

• Everyone aged 18 and over
• Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) children age 12-15

You must leave 3 months between your 2nd COVID vaccination and the Booster.


How do I access the Booster?

You may be contacted to invite you to book your Booster, but you are able to call our booking line to make an appointment if you are eligible.


Not had your 1st or 2nd vaccine?

You can come forward for any 1st and 2nd doses you have not yet had. Call our Booking Line on 0300 303 8060 or walk in to a clinic when eligible.

Please leave at least 8 weeks between your first and second dose.

Please do not call your GP about this as they are not coordinating the programme. If you have a COVID-19 vaccine related query, call us on 0300 303 8060.


Thank you.

Get in touch

Please contact us for any COVID vaccination related information.

0300 303 8060