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The Board acts as the overarching steward of the whole organisation and all its members, enabling us to live our purpose in every aspect of the work in service to our communities.

We are made up of seven Company Directors: three Executive and four Non Executive Directors. One of our Enabling Team Directors also comes to the Board as an attendee.

Board and membership meetings

We meet formally once each quarter, we also come together informally as needed.

How are Executive and Non Executive Directors appointed?

Our Non Executive Directors are elected from our membership on a 3 yearly basis.

Our Executive Directors are appointed by the Non Executive Directors.

Meet the team

Dr H

Helen Curr, Chief Executive

My role is to hold ourselves true to our values. To make sure our commitment to putting people at the heart of their healthcare journey is embedded in every decision and action we take.

Sarah Bartholomew, Commercial Director

My focus is on connecting our journey to the wider world, ensuring we support people to live better lives. I look to develop new partnerships, collaborations and opportunities to further our purpose both locally and nationally.

Lesley Jay

Lesley Jay, Finance Director

I work to ensure safe stewardship of the company’s financial resources so that we are appropriately resourced to help the communities we serve.

Matthew Riley, Head of Informatics

My team manages and develops the information systems that we use across our services. My role is to inspire the use of information to connect the organisation to its purpose.

Natalie Blunt, Managing Director of Sussex MSK Partnership Central

My focus is ensuring that we create and maintain musculoskeletal heath for our populations through excellent care. My role supports colleagues to be connected to our vision and purpose, remove barriers to achieving this and champion our partnership.

Rich Taunt, Lead Non Executive Director

I work with Board colleagues to support the organisation to be the best it can be. It includes a focus on how colleagues across Here can make good decisions to enable us to meet our purpose.

Annika Small, Non Executive Director

I’m super excited about the future of Here as we continue to engage people and their communities across the UK, tackling health inequalities and delivering change at scale.

Mo Kanjilal, Non Executive Director

I help the board by asking questions, giving advice and by being someone they can talk to for ideas. I also work with people in teams at Here where they are working on more business-focused areas.

Kristin Francis, Director of Primary Care

My focus is on developing innovative solutions and connecting good ideas to support Primary Care in Sussex. I work directly with the local system to deliver joined-up, exceptional care to the people in our local communities through a variety of workstreams.

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Looking Ahead
Looking Ahead

21.04.2022 | by Rich Taunt

Looking Ahead

How I got to Here
How I got to Here

21.04.2022 | by Mo Kanjilal

How I got to Here

We challenge traditional thinking, test our assumptions and draw on each other’s perspectives
We challenge traditional thinking, test our assumptions and draw on each other’s perspectives

21.04.2022 | by Annika Small

We challenge traditional thinking, test our assumptions and draw on each other’s perspectives

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