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Menopause at Work is a new scheme to support people experiencing menopause who work in small medium sized businesses in Brighton and Hove.

Offering education, training and practical tools, the scheme will help people understand the menopause transition and those experiencing menopause to thrive at work.

Menopause at Work aims to:

  • Educate people about the menopause – raising the profile of menopause and educate about menopause transition, breaking the stigma surrounding it.
  • Empower people to access the support that is right for them – including workplace adjustments, lifestyle, and medical options.
  • Support small business to provide a menopause friendly environment – including training and practical resources.

This will be delivered through a series of workshops and an online learning platform.


Who’s it for?

People who live or work in Brighton & Hove specifically:

  • People who are, will or have experienced menopause.
  • Mangers, business owners and colleagues who want to support menopause at work.


Who’s involved?

The project is delivered by Here, a not-for-profit social enterprise providing outstanding healthcare care services in Sussex and Brighton and Hove City Council’s Public Health Team.


Project Leads

Dr Zoe Schaedel

GP accredited British Menopause Society Menopause Specialist and lead of Brighton and Hove Community NHS Menopause Clinic.

“My role is to support the design and delivery of a free platform that contains high-quality information and education to help people in Brighton and Hove to thrive at work during the menopause. I am creating resources that will support organisations so that they can become menopause friendly and support and keep their staff.

“I draw on many years of experience working with those experiencing the menopause in my clinics and working with organisations to develop a constructive approach to this phase of life.”


Laura Wood

Health Improvement Specialist in the Public Health Team at Brighton and Hove City Council.

“My role is supporting this project with workplace wellbeing advice and support, including public health knowledge and intelligence. I will work on our current programme of work to support any workplace in the City with free support and advice about health and wellbeing for the working population and using our team’s community links to support tackling inequalities throughout this project.

“I will also lead on developing healthy lifestyle interventions to support and raise awareness of the prevention of health impacts during the menopause.”


Why Menopause at Work?

Multiple academic and government reports highlight the struggles of women who work during menopause transition. Many leave because of symptoms, lack of information or training about the menopause at work. We know that people in work have better health outcomes.

Our scheme aims to not only help resolve these issues so people can stay at work, but to help them thrive at work during and after their menopause.


Why Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)?

82% of businesses in Brighton & Hove are SMEs. Yet they have limited access to structured menopause support, education and training.

We have created this scheme in response to specific feedback from SMEs based in Brighton and Hove, who emphasised having limited time and resources. So, the online learning platform will be helpful in ensuring they can access flexible, free support.

Get in touch

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