About us

Here is a not-for-profit social enterprise. Our purpose is exceptional care, for everyone, which guides everything we do 

Why we exist

Here was founded by healthcare practitioners who recognised the opportunity to tackle some of the most pervasive challenges in the healthcare system.  

We could see people in need of care getting stuck in the gaps between services. We experienced the frustration of working in services that, all too often, could not adapt their approach to individual needs. 

We saw the opportunity to help create a different kind of healthcare, that joins up the journey where it matters, and keeps its focus on the whole person.

How we work

We deliver care only where we feel we are best placed to create exceptional health services for the community and value for the system. 

Working with partners – be they community groups, charities, public health bodies or NHS providers - we explore the challenges experienced by different groups and see opportunities to do things differently. 

And it’s through our partnerships that we can move beyond one-size-fits-all solutions and co-design care that recognises and flexes to the needs of the individual person in the system.    

If these are the challenges that matter to you too, we’re excited to talk.  

Get in touch hello@hereweare.org.uk

How else we can help

Health services delivery: We design and deliver CQC ‘Outstanding’ services and pathways.
Tools and training for health professionals: We provide award-winning analysis, automation tools, and time-saving training.
Healthcare innovation: We develop bold solutions to transform long-term conditions services and pathways.