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Supporting menopause in the workplace

New ways to provide accessible menopause support


We believe in exceptional care for everyone, and sometimes, that means working outside traditional health and care settings. We know that access to good-quality information, advice, and support through menopause can be critical to a person’s overall health. We also know that many women struggle with menopause symptoms at work, with 1 in 10 leaving their workplace because of their menopause symptoms.   

We saw an opportunity to deliver menopause services differently by supporting small and medium enterprises in our local community to provide high-quality menopause support, backed by clinical expertise in women’s health and well-being.  


Menopause at Work

Menopause at Work offers free support, education and tools for people experiencing menopause in the workplace or seeking to re-enter the workforce, as well as for business owners and managers who support these people. 

Menopause at Work aims to: 

1: Educate people about the menopause

Raising the profile of menopause and educate about menopause transition, breaking the stigma surrounding it.

2: Empower people to access the support that is right for them

Including workplace adjustments, lifestyle options, and medical options. 

3: Support small businesses to provide a menopause-friendly environment

Including training and practical resources. 

4: Blended learning

Delivered through a series of workshops and an online learning platform.

Part of what it means to be a social enterprise and a purpose driven organisation is addressing the inequities we see in our community. Sometimes that means looking at things differently. With our Menopause@Work project, we saw an opportunity to help people take control of their wellness outside a medical setting, in ways that work for them and the local business community. We also saw a way to bring the community together, get people talking and address the stigma people experiencing menopause can face.

Sarah Bartholomew
Commercial Director and Deputy Chief Executive at Here

Menopause at Work is jointly delivered by Here and Brighton and Hove City Council.

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