Data and analytics

Award-winning healthcare data and analytics

We provide automated data dashboards, bespoke analysis, and cloud-based infrastructure.

Helping you to optimise your decision-making, resourcing, and service delivery. Supported by a team of technical architects, analysts and infrastructure engineers we provide: 

  • Healthcare dashboards: Connecting data from multiple sources and presenting it in an easy-to-read Power BI dashboard, so you can make real-time, data-driven decisions.
  • Automated healthcare admin: Robotic process automation (RPA), to create accurate records and free up healthcare professionals from admin tasks.
  • IT and systems optimisation for healthcare services: Configuring systems for new and existing healthcare services, drawing on our extensive experience in service design and improvement. This includes demand and capacity modelling, workforce planning, understanding variation in clinical practice, data-driven service improvement, and impact measurement.
  • Population and health equality data: We compare census data to yours to understand health inequalities in your local population to help you understand and target under-served communities.

Why use Here data and analytics?  

Data can help purposefully plan for a better future when resourced and developed in the right way. 

We invest in smart, robust systems to support our services. Using a cloud-based data warehouse, we leverage innovative data and analytics (D&A) to help free up healthcare professionals’ time, identify underserved communities and make informed decisions.  Supported by a culture of innovation, our data and analytics teams explore and test new technologies as they arise and deliver to rigorous NHS standards.  

Based on our experience in service optimisation, we have developed a collection of tools to support our fellow healthcare professionals.

We worked with (Here) to develop a dashboard to align with our ​National Diabetes Audit submission. This ​enabled us to monitor performance and ​put actions in place to ensure the ​maximum number of patients were getting ​all 8 care processes completed.

Eleanor Rezazadeh
General Manager of Specialist ​Services at Sussex Community NHS ​Foundation Trust

Working with Here… now we can evaluate progress against KPIs, understand work volume and dynamic change, and templates reflect all the work they do. It has allowed us to compare work across practices and practitioners and to use the data as a tool for reflection and initiating change and development.

Craig Milne
Clinical Director at Preston Park Community PCN

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