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Resources to help you deliver better patient outcomes

Our service and innovation arm, Practice Unbound develops e-learning and digital resources designed for GP practices to improve patient outcomes.

Over 1 million GP hours have been saved by over 3000 GP practices throughout the UK with programmes that: 

  • Deliver transformational change 
  • Improve Practice efficiency  
  • Embed digital-driven best practice. 

Outcomes include better individual patient care, more efficient use of practice staff, and Health Data Dashboards to demonstrate implementation.

Practice Unbound’s suite of e-Learning and digital resources include:

Workflow Go: Safely delegate up to 80% of clinical correspondents to administrators

Pathology Go: Safe delegation of low-risk pathology tests using evidence-based decision aids

Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine:  A unique framework to deliver targeted lifestyle medicine based on personalised care principles

I have had the pleasure of working with Here and Practice Unbound for almost 5 years now and have been deeply impressed by their genuine drive to try to make life better for everyone with their services, initiatives and products.

There are a number of things about their work culture that stand out – a strong sense of purpose, the ability to deal with complexity, a human approach to team working and partnership and steadfast reliability.

Dr Ayan Panja
GP Partner
Bridport Medical Centre

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