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We design and deliver healthcare services for long-term conditions

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With over 15 years of experience designing and delivering CQC ‘Outstanding’ services and pathways, we are experts in providing effective, personalised healthcare.

Long-term health conditions

Delivering the long term conditions model through joined-up, equitable and personalised care.

Musculoskeletal services

MSK care transformed into a community-powered exemplar of person-centred care delivered at scale.

Dementia services

Providing support from the point of referral, improving quality of life.

Stroke: Cardiovascular disease

Redesigning rehabilitation services in Sussex, Surrey, and Kent.

Additional Primary Care

Providing wider availability of primary care services to the public, easing pressures on A&E.

Our experience in delivering long-term conditions services like MSK, dementia, and stroke means we have the expertise and infrastructure to deliver person-centred care at scale.


Bringing together the powerful alliance of patients and professional expertise, we draw on our operational experience and innovative approach, to deliver services that are:

1: Joined-up

Working hand in hand with patients, partners and communities to create healthcare that works.  

2: Person-centred

From collaborative design rooted in the perspective of people with lived experience to ‘What Matters to You’ conversations, personalisation comes as standard.  

3: Equitable

We use data to identify underserved communities and use our findings to reach out to co-create solutions. 

4: Optimised

Using the latest technology, we develop smart systems that enable health professionals to deliver exceptional care for the whole community.   

5: Sustainable

Continuous improvement means services are responsive to evolving needs and take advantage of new technology as it emerges.  

6: Cost-effective

With all this built-in, there is no need for expensive retrofits or disruptive transformations down the line; they are just efficient, effective, and value-for-money services.

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