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Automated admin, freeing up time for care

Accurate patient data entry

Robust and well-maintained administration is vital but time consuming for healthcare professionals.

We developed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems within our Sussex MSK services to reduce the amount of data entry and cross referencing our Patient Care Advisors (PCAs) need to do.

Not only is the automated system faster and more accurate, so far, we have freed up approx. 9,000* PCA hours (1,246 days) per year, meaning they can do more valuable and fulfilling work with those hours. Thats the equivalent of five more PCAs available to provide quality care.

We are currently exploring new ways of implementing RPA solutions and using machine learning to take care of more administrative tasks; freeing up people to do what only they can do – provide exceptional care.

*Conservative estimate assuming 7.5 data entry hours per day.


    As we develop more automation, we will be able to put more resources towards our developing care navigator roles to not only support patients on their journey through MSK, but also beyond and put the heart of what really matters to them at the forefront of their time in the service.

    Tim Price
    Deputy Service Manager at SMSKPC

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