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Award winning, innovative musculoskeletal care

Service: Sussex MSK Partnership Central: Musculoskeletal services  (SMSKPC)

Partners: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) 

Reach: Population c700K – Brighton and Hove, Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex

Our MSK service

We have been providing community MSK services since 2010 and, in 2014, Here became the Prime contract holder for Sussex MSK Partnership Central (SMSKPC), delivering in partnership with Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT).


Sussex MSK Partnership Central’s purpose is to deliver human and unhurried care.


With a national reputation for innovation, many of the ideas and practices we have pioneered have become widely accepted as best practices for MSK care and healthcare.  

We were the first to appoint a Patient Director, putting the voice of lived experience at the heart of our decision-making. In 2023, we designed and launched the acclaimed Community Appointment Days (CADs) to tailor health services for the local population. Held in community spaces, CADs provide everything in one visit without barriers.


Sussex MSK Partnership Central’s impact

7%      reduction 

in waiting lists over 2023

66K      referrals

received per annum

0.05% complaint rate

received over 2023

Our vision

We see a future where community-powered, personalised MSK care is standard, where seeing the whole person means we provide human and unhurried care for everyone and, by doing so, facilitate better outcomes for patients, staff and our community.

To learn more about our vision for the future of MSK care download

Creating and Sustaining Excellence (CASE) in MSK Care: A CASE for Change 

How we deliver MSK services

We provide services directly to our community, and as the Prime contractor, SMSKPC holds the responsibility of being a commissioner, bringing together all the required services to ensure comprehensive MSK care. This includes everything from counselling and wrist splints to MRIs and knee surgery. We manage sub-contracts with eight different secondary care providers across Sussex. 

These are the following key ingredients which are fundamental to how we deliver MSK care:  


Since 2014, we have put personalised care at the centre of our care offer, making sure we understand what matters most to people beyond just their MSK condition. We work alongside people to achieve their goals, honouring their expertise in their own care and considering their broader life context. 

Creating health equity and co-production

Our MSK services are co-created by people with lived experience, their support network and healthcare professionals. These collaborations facilitate better outcomes for our patients, staff, and community. We strive to understand the needs of our communities and adapt our offer to create health equity.  


Detailed data supports us to ensure we use our resources optimally and can support people to make informed choices about their care. Our analytics enable us to understand our population, who is accessing our services, what their experience and outcomes are, and who we are underserving.   

Community appointment days (CAD)

An idea which rapidly spread across the UK.

10 years of MSK transformation

Celebrating 10 years of delivering exceptional MSK care in Sussex.

Health equity dashboards

Using smart data to find people who are not accessing their health services.

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