Community healthcare innovations

New models of healthcare

New models of healthcare

With a solid reputation for delivering effective change, we develop ground-breaking solutions that set the standard for person-centred, equitable healthcare. 

We do this in three ways:


  1. Transformation programmes – Our agility as a social enterprise and our drive to provide exceptional care for everyone means we bring fresh insight and energy for change to our collaborations. We work with partners to design new models of care, leveraging new technology and thinking to design person-centred care that reaches the whole community.
  2. Continuous improvement – We build continuous improvement into our service delivery, responding to evolving healthcare needs by iterating service improvements. This ensures our services are responsive, relevant and efficient. 
  3. Innovation projects – As a purpose-driven organisation, we invest in innovation projects that tackle critical issues in long-term health conditions. Partnering with key stakeholders, we identify systemic challenges and work together to innovate solution.


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Innovation projects

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