21 September 2023

Empowering lives beyond diagnosis: World Alzheimer’s day


Jamie Tulley

Approximately 850,000 people are living with dementia in the UK. This represents 1 in every 14 of the population aged 65 years and over. (Alzheimer’s Society, 2019)

But it’s important to remember that behind the statistics are people with unique stories, experiences, and identities.

This World Alzheimer’s Day we are encouraged to raise awareness by challenging the stigma around dementia, to look beyond the diagnosis and to see the whole person.

Earlier this year some of the brilliant team from Brighton and Hove Memory Assessment Service (MAS) showcased a poignant art installation at the Jubilee Library in Brighton.

The display was focussed on challenging peoples perceptions of who dementia affects and encourage people to see beyond the diagnosis.

Prior to the event MAS asked their patients the question:

What is something that you wish people knew about you? i.e an achievement or something that you are proud of.

About the Brighton and Hove Memory Assessment Service (MAS)

Brighton and Hove Memory Assessment Service is more than an assessment service, offering both clinical care and social support to those people who are diagnosed with dementia.

It can be a worrying time when you or someone you love begins to experience memory issues. MAS is here to navigate all the ups and downs of adapting to new circumstances, helping people and their loved ones get the care they need to live their life well.

Learn more here.

Get in contact with your GP for a referral.

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