28 March 2024

What if we made community powered health, for everyone


Jamie Tulley

As a social enterprise our purpose is to create exceptional care, for everyone. We are incredibly proud of the services we deliver, and sharing our learning is an important part of our culture.

Many businesses talk about growth, for us, we measure that in terms of impact, as well as delivery.

That’s why we were so excited about our New Local webinar this morning, talking about our Community Appointment Day innovations in Sussex.

Today over 270 people were on the call, with the wonderful Natalie Blunt and Laura Finucane talking about how they got the CAD up and running, and what impact it had.

Whilst we are still tracking our data, and learning what works, what I’m left with this morning is the incredible news that across the country, CADs are popping up like mushrooms.

What started as a ‘what if’ conversation in our teams, is becoming an accepted idea – fuelled by a desire to experiment, to try something different, knowing that doing what we’ve always done will not solve the problems we face.

Its not just in MSK, and its not about waiting lists. Creating new ways to deliver truly personalised care is an idea our systems are ready for. Common sense innovation, that anyone can read about and think – how might we do that around here?

As a social enterprise, this is what we are about. Business for good. We’re excited to connect with others who are exploring this idea. We’re happy to share, and importantly we’ll learn from how this idea develops in other places.

Creating exceptional care for everyone is going to take change on a new scale. Strength based, community powered health.

Whether you’re daunted, deliberating or determined to try, we’d love to be connected.

Want to learn more about the Community Appointment Day model?

For more information please contact us: collab@hereweare.org.uk

Read about how it all started in our blog: Community Appointment Days – An idea that rapidly turned into an innovation

Dr Helen Curr, Chief Executive

My role is to hold ourselves true to our values. To make sure our commitment to putting people at the heart of their healthcare journey is embedded in every decision and action we take.

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