4 April 2024

Expanding our Data and BI impact: How you can help us


Jamie Tulley

We do Data and Business Intelligence (BI) well. Award winningly well in fact – but we don’t want to keep our knowledge to ourselves!

Over the years we have supported other healthcare providers on their journey, as well as our own services – we now want to expand our impact by partnering with more organisations to improve their Data and BI.

We want to understand what other providers, non-profits and Community Interest Companies (CICs) feel they need and why – to help us shape an offering that adds the most value, and truly does help other healthcare providers improve their own impact in care.

We are looking to talk to healthcare organisations, non-profits and CICs who:

  • Are considering or planning their data and BI approach as a business need and have not fully embraced or realised good capability in this area.
  • Are looking to mobilise or create a new clinical service enabled by the right data, analytics, and reporting.
  • Are looking to improve or transform an existing clinical service or services, enabled by the right data, analytics, and reporting.

This market research will involve a 1-hour interview with our external researchers. Ideally, we would be interested in interviewing those who are responsible for this work, or who oversee the strategy for your digital and data.

As a thank you to those organisations who are happy to participate, the Here Data and BI team would be very happy to offer an advisory hour on your Data and BI approach.

If you’re interested – we would love to hear from you!

Please contact matthew.riley@nhs.net for more in information.

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You can also learn more about how our Data and Analytics helps us to provide exceptional care in our latest Impact Report.