21 March 2024

Here launches Impact Report for 2023-2024


Jamie Tulley

Our Impact Report 2023-2024 is now up on our website, showing the impact we have and showcasing some of the great work we’ve been so proud of this year!

In our report you’ll find out about how our Health Builders are a vital part of our unique person-centred approach, celebrate 10 incredible years of MSK transformation with us, learn about how our equality dashboards are helping us to find those who are not accessing health services and how we’re using the data they collect to co-create services that are better suited and accessible, for everyone.

Photograph: Jenny Handy

Crawley Community Action’s Health Expo Event

Photograph: Jenny Handy

Monopause@Work breakfast launch event

We would love you to hear your thoughts and feedback and please feel free to share with anyone else you might think would like to find out more about us. 

If you’re interested in working with us, or finding out more about our projects, partnerships and opportunities, please do get in touch. We love to connect, share best practice and explore collaborations.


Photograph: Jenny Handy