10 January 2024

Working Here: Jamie’s story


Jamie Tulley

We’re very proud of our colleagues and the work they do for our communities and healthcare.  This is part of an ongoing series of stories from the people that work at Here and all of the different services we deliver.

Today we meet Jamie Tulley who is a Patient Care Advisor (PCA) in the Brighton and Hove Memory Assessment Service. Jamie has been working for Here within MAS just over two years.


Why did you choose to work in the Brighton and Hove Memory Assessment Service (MAS)?

Back in 2014 I worked in a care home looking after residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and I wanted to get back into that line of work and for the NHS as well. When this job was advertised I went for it and thankfully got the job.

Tell us more about your role as a Patient Care Advisor (PCA)

We deal with incoming calls, booking in people to arrange of appointments, whether that’s from the start of the service with the first contact call, right through to the assessments and things like that. I do a lot of administration as well, like cross checks, dealing with the day to day organisation as well, making sure it’s running. But I’d say the main thing is being that first port of call in terms of dealing with patients predominantly, and loved ones as well.

What would you say to someone thinking about a career in the Brighton and Hove Memory Assessment Service (MAS)?

I think it’s certainly a great place to work, especially if you’re a kind and compassionate person. I think we give back to our patients and loved ones, especially with it being such a really interesting diagnosis as well compared to others. There’s sort of a taboo around Alzheimer’s and dementia. So I think it’s a very rewarding job and service to work for.

How would you describe MAS in one word?

I think I’ve already said it but I would probably say compassionate. Again, I think it’s not only our patients that we’re caring for, but it’s also for the loved ones as well. So, I think the word compassionate probably stands out more than others.