Our Covid-19 Response

General Service Information
Please be advised that Here (Care Unbound) are committed to maintaining service provision during to the Covid-19 we are an integrated clinical and support service that provides to support to all at the point of referral. This seems particular beneficial given the people we serve and the impact due to Coivd-19 on their support structures and the wider healthcare system.

In response to the Covid crisis and help mitigate risk to our patients we have moved to a telephone / video consultation service only. Due to the risk to our patients by delivering face to face appointments we will be unable to complete diagnosis formulation in full, for the vast majority of our patients. We will hold our patients care until it is safe to deliver our full diagnostic testing including MRI and CT scanning. For patients where we feel there is urgent need for scanning we will continue to deliver this function.

Treatment and Care Planning
The service continues to provide support and care planning and we are well placed to help our patients and their NOK/carers navigate the wider healthcare system by linking into the new community services that have been set up in response to the pandemic. When it comes to the medication side of things We are keen mitigate the need for healthcare intervention at this time and unfortunately the benefits to initiate new anti-dementia medications for the vast majority of our patients does not outweigh the risk. We will continue to review the guidance from central government and any changes to NICE that may help shape our decision making during the pandemic.

Advice and Guidance
We recognise that this is a challenging time for Primary Care and we are keen to support where possible to help reduce the risk to our vulnerable patients. Please do continue to refer patients to the service where dementia is suspected or if you have queries on how best to help patients within your practice with cognitive impairment / dementia then please do contact us for advice and guidance. For urgent queries where there is risk please contact SOAMHS (Specialist Older Adults Mental Health Service) as they are delivering face to face interventions for the most at risk and in need.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0300 555 0175 should you have any queries, and for further information download our resources.




We help to deliver the Brighton and Hove Memory Assessment Service in partnership with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and the Brighton and Hove Carers Centre.

How you can access the Memory Assessment service

You can access the service by calling or emailing us (our contact details are below) – we’re open between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. We will aim to respond to you within 24 hours between Monday and Friday.

Referral guidance for health care professionals

If you are a health professional exploring referral options please see the Further Information section below for our referral guideline and forms. If your patient has a pre-existing diagnosis of dementia or a complex presentation, please refer them to Specialist Older Adult Mental Health Services (SOAMHS).

Are you worried about your memory?

If you are worried about your memory …

Visit your GP to discuss a possible referral to the Memory Assessment Service.

Take someone to this appointment who knows you well.

Write down your worries and questions before your appointment.

Do you need dementia information and support?

For support please contact us on 0300 555 0175.

You can also visit the Alzheimer’s Society Website for information and signposting via Dementia Connect.

Do you need support at home?

Visit your GP to discuss your options

Call Access Point on: 01273 295555


How we use your information

Find out how your records are used by the service, and how you can get in touch if you have a query about your information.

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You can contact us on this email and phone number between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday with your questions, feedback or complaints

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