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Practice Unbound (PU) develop and provide a suite of e-learning programmes that deliver transformational change, improve Practice efficiency, save GP time while embedding digital-driven best practice.

Outcomes include better individual patient care, more efficient use of practice staff, and Data Dashboards to demonstrate implementation.



PU work within Primary Care across the whole of the UK and have helped to train over 3000 practices and 12,000 staff, releasing 1million + hours of GP time.



Workflow Go
Workflow Go enables practices to delegate up to 80% of Clinical correspondence to trained Administrators. By implementing our safe and effective system, an average sized practice can expect to release 8 hours of GP time a week, 40 mins per GP per day.

Clinical records are updated in a more consistent manner leading to enhanced data quality, a better patient journey, and empowered staff.


Pathology Go
Pathology Go is a suite of digital resources, tools and e-learning that enables the safe delegation of low-risk pathology tests using evidence-based decision aids.

Our Data dashboards support users to track change, learning and monitor implementation. Pathology Go saves GP time, improves patient outcomes and drives efficiency in General Practice.


Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine

Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine is an online course created to enable clinicians to get to the root cause of Patients’ symptoms, through simple, targeted lifestyle interventions.

It helps reduce the need for follow ups and prescription medication, saving time and money across the system, ultimately improving patient outcomes. The course teaches the fundamental principles of Lifestyle Medicine but also demonstrates how to deliver effective Lifestyle Interventions for patients and service users.


Since 2008 Practice Unbound have been working together in healthcare as a service and innovation arm of the award winning Here.

PU make learning programmes that allow NHS practices to free up much needed GP time. And when you commission services through Practice Unbound, they reinvest in Primary Care development.

Using Primary Care solutions, they bring healthcare professionals together to explore their biggest challenges, and to create new ways of looking after our communities, and each other.

As part of Here, PU believe in enabling people to take control of their health care journeys. Practice Unbound helps change the way Health and Wellbeing services work so care can be focused on what matters to individuals.


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